GOOGY is a Los Angeles-based fashion house with a multidisciplinary approach and progressive attitude. Named after the futuristic architectural style, Googie, which was made popular in the 1950’s, and inspired by the space and atomic ages. This mid-century design movement originated in Los Angeles and was coined to be “a realization of the future.” 

Designer/Founder Michael Mizrahi, a third generation LA native, grew up surrounded by some of the most famous Googie structures. Extracting inspiration and finding a deep appreciation for this architectural style, Michael implemented some of its key principles into the design of the brand. Bold use of color, steel, and geometric shapes; all elements of Googie architecture, which can clearly be seen through the use of hardware, color blocking, silhouettes, graphics, and store design.

A combination of architecture and championship sports, coupled with philosophical principles and the use of unique materials; old and new, create the backbone and foundation of the GOOGY brand.




The origin of the brand comes from an understanding of the past, in order to be in the present, in turn creating the future.

Along previous journeys, Michael was able to culminate a deep understanding of sports, architecture and fashion, notably as a fan, player buyer, merchant and builder. With a dedicated interest in reinvention, Michael has injected all of these elements, along with a keen design intuitive into an intersection of values, leading to a brand defined by his experiences, history and character.

As an artist inspired by materials, shapes, textures, colors and expressions, Mizrahi has traveled the world to source the best suppliers, gather inspiration, and develop an understanding of today’s society. Combing through the noise and information accumulated along the way, Michael embraced the essence of what truly creates a luxury brand, namely, craftsmanship, intent, scarcity, space and time.

Starting from a vision and extending to its collections, collaborations, partnerships and ethics, GOOGY is a brand built entirely upon the tenants and foundation of DREAM ST:

D \ Direction
R \ Respect
E \ Energy
A \ Appreciation
M \ Momentum
S \ Space
T \ Time




Being a self-taught designer has enabled Mizrahi to further break barriers and set his methods apart from traditional design principles.

Blending the ultramodern Googie architectural style with a nostalgic journey into the past, his first collection is a hybrid between the past and future; a combination of limited edition leather pieces and one-of-a-kind re-worked vintage items. The leather pieces are built upon classic styles, with an added reversibility element. Whereas, the vintage pieces, evocative of the past, have been modernized to reflect the present and future.

Inspired by championship sports and popular culture, the line has been created using the finest fabrics, techniques and craftsmanship; all cornerstones of the brand.



With fast fashion being one of the worst global pollutants, GOOGY takes an approach which balances re-imagining vintage items with creating collectible, timeless garments from scratch.

Sustainability is directly tied to technology, therefore, until these two elements find a positive balance, truly embracing sustainability in fashion will continue to be a challenge, globally.

As a key consideration for this challenge and the future, GOOGY strives to unify both extremes through a marriage of principles, paving the way towards future balance. The GOOGY brand’s code of conduct includes adopting business practices that better support sustainable manufacturing. Currently, GOOGY reworks vintage garments and recycles materials throughout the collection, thus minimizing waste.

The limited-edition pieces are built upon classic styles, and designed to be more than seasonal, trendy items, rather, timeless, permanent additions to your collection.

In an effort to minimize wasteful practices, GOOGY uses byproduct lambskin, recycling leathers that would otherwise be discarded. These responsible leather practices mean not needing additional resources or land, and therefore reduce environmental impact. Furthermore, the leathers are treated with non-polluting, organic, safe chemicals.

GOOGY will continue to build upon environmentally and socially conscious garments, in congruence with the importance of sustainability in fashion.




The GOOGY product comes with a commitment to quality, a need for excellence and a promise to construct using the most skillful techniques and craftsmanship.

In line with this mission, GOOGY products are constructed using the finest materials, fabrics, processes and manufacturers. All garments and knits are produced in Los Angeles. While the leathers and accessories are imported from renowned tanneries and suppliers in Italy and France; the same sources as some of the world’s most celebrated fashion houses.

Meticulous attention to detail is placed within all aspects of design and production. This includes, matching limited edition patches and labels, managing stitches per inch, types of stitches, piping, hand sewn stripe details, elevated silk linings, the most advanced reversible hardware, balancing weights and finishes of leathers.